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Youth Libraries Group (YLG)


The Youth Library Group held its AGM on 2nd February 2017. This is the committee members for this year:

  • Chairperson - Aisling Donnelly
  • Secretary - Catherine Duffy
  • Treasurer - Helen O'Donnell


The YLG plan to hold a two day conference in mid May at Tallaght Library on the theme of "STEAM" (Science Technology Engineering Arts Maths). Further details to follow. 


Committee for 2016:
·         Catherine Gallagher (South Dublin Libraries)
·         Catherine Duffy (Dublin City Libraries)
·         Ursulla Cutliffe (Donegal Libraries)
·         Frances Crampsie (Donegal Libraries)
·         Maedhbh Rogan (Meath Libraries)
·         Mary Bohan (Leitrim Libraries)


The Youth Libraries Group, generally known as the YLG, is a very active Group of the Association. It aims to promote children’s books, reading activities and library services to young people through various programmes. The Group organises seminars, workshops, and lectures on themes relating to children’s books and children’s libraries. Some members of the YLG serve on committees concerned with policy for school libraries and general library services to children.


Activities/Events YLG are involved with:

·         Annual ‘Recommending with Confidence’ Seminar.
·         The national Children’s Book Festival in association with Children’s Books Ireland (CBI), which takes place in October each year.
·         The annual Science Week, which take places in November each year.
·         Success Stories Day: Bi-annual event inconjunction with the Northern Ireland Public Libraries.

The YLG Committee holds meetings throughout the year and new members are always welcome. Please contact the Secretary for further information.


YLG Rules & Regulations:

1.    Hold an AGM each year
2.    Appoint a new committee consisting of chairperson, secretary and treasurer.
3.    Produce an annual report.
4.    Submit annual report to LAI Executive.
5.    Produce annual Accounts report.
6.    Submit annual accounts report to LAI Executive.


We recommend that you visit  to find out more about library services for young people in Ireland.

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