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The objectives of the Library Association of Ireland (LAI) are:

  • To promote and develop high standards of librarianship and of library and information services in Ireland, and to secure greater co-operation between libraries.
  • To represent the profession of librarianship in Ireland, and to promote the professional interests of members.
  • To maintain the profession of librarianship in a proper status among the learned and technical professions by requiring the observance of strict rules of personal professional conduct as a condition of membership, and by ensuring that a qualification in librarianship is an essential requirement for all professional posts in libraries.
  • To promote a high standard of education for librarianship in Ireland by evaluating and giving recognition to degrees, diplomas or other professional qualifications in librarianship, and by conducting courses of study, setting examinations to test the proficiency of candidates, and issuing diplomas.
  • To examine and assess any legislation affecting libraries and the profession in Ireland, and to assist in the promotion of any legislation as may be considered necessary for the advancement and extension of libraries, and to act on behalf of the profession of librarianship in Ireland in dealing with the Government and other bodies.
  • To keep a register of members.
  • To form, collect, collate and publish in the form of transactions, journals or otherwise, information of service or interest to the members of the Association, and to form a library of books, works, or manuscripts on librarianship and to promote and encourage bibliographical study and research.
  • To organise such conferences, social and other functions as may promote the interests of the Association.