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Information Literacy

Terms of Reference

  1. To review findings of the Report of Working Group on Information Literacy
  2. To prioritise its recommendations
  3. To progress those recommendations that appear easily achievable
  4. To propose an action plan for other recommendations
  5. To identify resource requirements for future work

Adopted by the Executive Board 7 April 2010


Members of the Task Force on Information Literacy (TFIL)

Philip Russell [Convenor] (ITT Dublin)
Brenda Carey (Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council)
Claire McGuinness (UCD)
Muireann Tóibin (Revenue Commissioners) 
Ann O’Sullivan (Houses of the Oireachtas)
Katherine Ryan (St. Andrew’s College Dublin)


Meet the TFIL Committee Members


 Philip Russell

I am actively involved in advancing information literacy education at institutional and national level and previously chaired the LAI’s Working Group on Information Literacy (WGIL). TFIL is committed to working cohesively across all sectors to achieve a national strategy for digital and information literacy, which will facilitate the coordinated development of these skills in education, the workplace and society.


 Brenda Carey

I am based in DLR LexIcon.  My interest in information literacy is from a personal and professional level which started when I qualified as a librarian at UCD and in my public library role.


 Claire McGuinness

I am a part-time lecturer in the School of Information and Library Studies, UCD. I have been teaching, researching and writing about information and digital literacy for more than a decade, obtaining my PhD in 2005. I was a member of the original Working Group on Information Literacy, and I am pleased to contribute to the important work continued by TFIL, in ensuring digital literacy for all in the 21st Century.


 Muireann Tóibín

My interest in information literacy has developed from current role in the area of Government Libraries, where information and digital literacy are crucial. Staff in government departments and government bodies need to source and interpret the best information possible to guide them in developing policies, writing legislation, and in advising on crucial issues.


Ann O'Sullivan Ann O'Sullivan

I am the Acquisitions & Research Librarian in the Houses of the Oireachtas Library & Research Service, where I have worked since July 2006.  Prior to this I was the Information Centre Manager in Diageo from 1998 - 2006.  I have always had a particular interest in information literacy, in particular people’s information seeking behaviour and I am involved in the provision of information skills training in my current role.


Katherine Ryan

I am College Librarian at St. Andrew's College, Booterstown, Co. Dublin where I teach a 'How To Research’ Module.   I am interested in the provision of information literacy in Irish secondary schools and look forward to the integration of the national information literacy framework into the school curriculum.  I contributed to the UCD SILS ‘Building Information Literacy In Ireland’ (BILI) Report and presented ‘Teaching Information Literacy in Irish Secondary Schools’ at the 2014 Institute of Technology Tallaght  (ITT) Seminar ‘Demonstrating the Value of Information Literacy to Staff and Students’.