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Joining the Library Association of Ireland

We are the professional body representing libraries and librarianship in Ireland. The objectives of the association are to promote and develop high standards of librarianship and of library and information services in Ireland, and to secure greater co-operation between libraries.

The Association is composed of personal members and institutional members.

To apply to become a personal or institutional member

Step 1: please click the Join button
Step 2: You will receive an initial e-mail.
Step 3: Applicants for membership must be approved by the Council of the Library Association of Ireland. Your application to join will be brought to the next Council meeting. 
Step 4: Following approval, an email containing a link to allow you to complete your membership by paying your subscription will be sent to you.
Step 5: Once you have paid your subscription and the payment is processed, a membership card is then printed for you and your welcome pack will be sent to you.

Joining Groups and Sections

You may join as many groups and sections as you wish with the exception of those with reserved membership: County and City Librarians' Section, Prison Libraries Group, Government Libraries Section. You must be working in the appropriate area or position to join these sections or group. For information on Groups and Sections please see Groups and Sections

Membership Subscription Rates (for a calendar year )

A. Personal Members (Local) whose annual salary or income:

  1.      does not exceed €24,999 pay  €25
  2.      is between €25,000 and €44,999 pay €60
  3.      is between €45,000 and €64,999 pay  €95
  4.      is €65,000 and over pay  €110
  5.      Unemployed members pay €15
  6.      Students of recognised LIS course who are not in paid employment, pay €15 (Course details and year must be provided)

B. Personal Members Overseas

 Members who work outside the Republic of Ireland and are also members of a sister Library Association pay €60

C. Institutional Membership

Annual membership is €350.00


Renewing your Subscription

If you were a member in the last few years you may renew your subscription by selecting the Renew button. Your username is the e-mail address you supplied when joining the Association. You can recover your password via the log in page.

Details on the Library Association of Ireland, its objectives, membership and structure are available in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Library Association of Ireland

If you would like to join the Library Association of Ireland and would prefer not to use the online facilities you may use the Personal Membership 2017 form. Institutions may use the Institutional Membership 2017 form.

Membership for one year