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Library Staff Exchange Scheme - Library Ireland Week 17th – 24th November 2014


Each year the Library Association of Ireland encourages library staff to organise events around a particular theme in order to promote library services and the great work being done by library staff across the country. This year’ s theme is ‘ Open for BUSINESS’ and we would encourage you to organise talks/events/activities around the business theme and upload them to the website

One event that has proven very popular is the ‘ Library Staff Exchange Scheme’ , which allows staff from a variety of different libraries to spend a day in another library setting, and so to gain insight and understanding in to how their colleagues deliver services to their customers on a day-to-day basis.

Reports on the experiences that people have had of the Library Staff Exchange Programme have been uniformly very positive, and we are encouraging everybody to consider partaking in the scheme again this year. 

If you’ d like to know more about other people’ s experience of the exchange scheme, and about what the day involved for them, please have a look at the attachments below for a couple of firsthand accounts.

To note, there is no formal system in place with regard to organising the exchange, but hopefully the following guidelines will be helpful to you.

General guidelines for the Library Staff Exchange Scheme

  • Check with your employer/line manager to see if you can be facilitated to participate in the exchange scheme.
  • Have a look at the various library services in your area, and consider where you might like to spend a day.
  • To note, it is best to organise the exchange locally in order to keep costs to a minimum. Make sure to check with your employer to see if you can claim for travel costs and lunch.
  • Contact libraries you are interested in visiting to see who can facilitate an exchange with you.
  • Organise a date for your visit, and a date for a return visit for one of their staff.
  • With regard to the timing of the exchange, the visits don’ t have to take place during Library Ireland Week as the dates may not suit depending on what’ s happening that week in your own library.
  • The length of your visit depends very much on you and the staff in the library you are visiting. For example, it may run from 10.30 until 3.30, or it can start and finish at a time suits everybody involved.
  • Check with your employer and with the library you are due to visit with regard to insurance cover, compliance with Health & Safety, etc.
  • And lastly, have fun!

Library Ireland Week 2014 Committee