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Presidents of the Library Association of Ireland

Author: Deirdre E. Ellis-King

Title: The Presidents of the Library Association of Ireland, 1929-2014

Publication info: Dublin, 2015, ISBN 978-0-9548967-4-4



               ‘The Presidents of the Library Association of Ireland 1929-2014’

‘The Presidents of the Library Association of Ireland 1929-2014’ by Past President of LAI, Deirdre Ellis-King, is a collection of short profiles of the thirty-nine people who have held the prestigious office of President, beginning with inaugural President Dr Robert Lloyd Praeger.  The profiles give present day practitioners, and others, a sense of the significance of the leadership role and contribution made by all Past Presidents to the process of building a library network aimed at supporting collegiality and professionalism. It also reveals the Past Presidents, individually and collectively, as having played a key role in the process of supporting the evolution of educational and cultural development in Ireland in line, over many decades, with a changing societal landscape.

Each pen-picture profile is accompanied by an individual b&w photograph. Group photographs of Association members, the earliest dating from 1929, taken at library conferences and other functions are also placed at random throughout the 80 page text. The book places Past Presidents of the LAI on the formal national biographical record and makes a significant contribution to the history of the Association and that of libraries and librarians in the Republic of Ireland. 



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Book launch at the Mansion House on 28th January 2016

Left to right - Past Presidents, Siobhan Fitzpatrick, Marjory Sliney, W.R.H.(Harry) Carson, Kathleen Browne; Past President and Author, Deirdre Ellis-King; President of LAI, Dr Philip Cohen; Lord Mayor of Dublin, Críona Ní Dhálaigh; Past Presidents, Patrick McMahon, Dr Beatrice Doran and Noel Hughes