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Annual General Meeting 2015

The AGM of the Library Association of Ireland took place on Thursday 19th March in Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street, Dublin 2. Approximately thirty-five members attended.


Officers and Council elected at AGM

The following members were elected as officers at the AGM:

President:                  Philip Cohen, Dublin Institute of Technology

Vice-President:          Mary Stuart, Offaly County Libraries

Vice-President:          Bernie Fennell, Louth County Libraries


Honorary Treasurer:            Marian Higgins, Kildare Library and Arts Service

Honorary Secretary:             Betty Codd, Dublin City Public Libraries


The following members were elected to the Council of the Library Association of Ireland:

Jane Burns, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 

Jane Cantwell, Waterford City and County Libraries 

Philip Cohen, Dublin Institute of Technology 

Monica Crump, National University of Ireland, Galway

Bernie Fennell, Louth County Libraries

Catherine Gallagher, South Dublin Libraries

Margaret Hayes, Dublin City Public Libraries

Lai Ma, University College Dublin, SILS

Cathal McCauley, Maynooth University

Zoë Melling, Legal Aid Board

Eileen Morrissey, Wexford County Libraries

Mary Murphy, Meath County Libraries

Emer O'Brien, Tipperary Libraries

Carmel O'Sullivan, University College Dublin

Kathryn Smith, Trinity College Dublin

Mary Stuart, Offaly County Libraries

Joan Ward, Libraries Development, LGMA


Fellowship of the Library Association of Ireland (FLAI) was awarded to

  • Fionnuala Hanrahan, BA, MLIS, MCLIP, ALAI, FLAI, Wexford County Librarian
  • Eva Hornung, PhD, FCLIP, ALAI, FLAI, Librarian, CDETB Curriculum Development Unit


Associateship of the Library Association of Ireland (ALAI) was awarded to:

  • Fintan Bracken, PhD, MLIS, ALAI, Librarian, Research Services & Bibliometrics, UL
  • Laura Connaughton, BA, MLIS, ALAI, Assistant Librarian, Maynooth University
  • Laoise Doherty, BA, MScILS, ALAI, Assistant Librarian, Royal Irish Academy of Music
  • Teresa Igoe, BScEcon(ILS), ALAI, Librarian,  Bray Institute of Further Education
  • Maeve McCauley, MSc, MSc(ILS), HDipEd, ALAI, Acting Institute Librarian, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
  • Barbara McCormack, BA, MLIS, ALAI, Assistant Librarian, Maynooth University
  • Hugh Murphy, MA, HDipLIS, ALAI, Senior Librarian, Maynooth University
  • Emer O’Brien, BA, LLM, MSc(LIS), ALAI, Senior Executive Librarian, Tipperary Libraries
  • Grace Toland, BA, DipLIS, ALAI, Librarian, Irish Traditional Music Archive

Details on how to apply for Library Association awards are available at


From left to right, Fellows and Associates of the LAI with their certificates: Maeve McCauley, Eva Hornung, Teresa Igoe, Jane Cantwell (outgoing president), Barbara McCormack, Fintan Bracken, Grace Toland  and Fionnuala Hanrahan.


Citations for FLAIs

Fionnuala Hanrahan, BA, MLIS, MCLIP, ALAI

Wexford County Librarian

Throughout her career Fionnuala has worked tirelessly to develop inclusive library services. Her career demonstrates a progression with increasing responsibilities; including collections and resources management, staff development,  ICT planning and development and culminating in her post as Wexford County Librarian where her role is to lead and shape the public library service.

Fionnuala has held numerous roles and responsibilities in the Library Association. She has served as Honorary Secretary, Vice-President, and was President of the Library Association from 2011 to 2015. As a member of various committees of the LAI, she has had a major influence on a wide range of issues including:  the development of standards for health information needs and standards for school libraries. She was a founder member of Children’s Book Week and the Youth Libraries Group, serving as treasurer and chairperson at various stages.  She is acutely aware of the need for collaboration across the sector and beyond and has served on local government steering groups and other committees, influencing the development of the library profession nationally.  


Eva Hornung, PhD, ALAI, FCLIP

Librarian, CDETB Curriculum Development Unit

Eva’s continuity of involvement in professional development is highly impressive both on her own account and others.  She contributes a great deal to the profession particularly through her Chairmanship of the Academic and Special Libraries Committee and the CILIP mentoring scheme. She has given generously of her time in this regard to ensure excellent networking and training opportunities for members.  She enthusiastically supports others in developing their careers and research.

She is to be commended for noting the gap in information on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for OPLs (One Person Libraries) and then filling it through her own research work and subsequent PhD.  This and her publications and papers have undoubtedly added to the body of professional knowledge.  There is a notable geographic reach in the range of journals to which she has contributed and of conferences at which she has presented. Her strong track record in this regard is beneficial in exposing Irish librarianship widely and in developing contacts internationally.

Her professional affiliations extend beyond this country, encompassing a Fellowship of CILIP and a long-standing membership of Germany’s Berufsverband Information Bibliothek. The awards outlined in her CV are further testament to the high regard in which she is held and to her consistent level of achievement.


Citations for ALAIs

Fintan Bracken, PhD, MLIS

Librarian, Research Services & Bibliometrics, UL

The candidate’s Professional Development Report and accompanying CV are notable and he is undoubtedly a candidate of high calibre.  Fintan has been actively engaged with the Western Regional Section of the LAI and CONUL. This involvement shows clear evidence of professional growth and development and his record is impressive. Fintan has key strengths in writing, research and bibliometrics and is someone who can make a significant contribution to the LAI and indeed the wider profession.


Laura Connaughton, BA, MLIS

Assistant Librarian, Maynooth University

The candidate displays commitment to her own professional development as well as to the development of skills which will benefit her clients.  Furthermore, she demonstrates commitment to the profession in its wider context by her proven contributions to a range of initiatives.    As Chair of the Career Development Group in 2013/2014), she organised several CPD events of interest to other young professionals. She has presented at conferences in Ireland and internationally and was a member of the Library Ireland Week 2013 committee.


Laoise Doherty, BA, MScILS

Assistant Librarian, Royal Irish Academy of Music

All of Laoise’s positions have been in special libraries where her duties have been wide-ranging.

 For the past four years, Laoise has   developed her professional skills further, beginning with the completion of an MSc in Information and Library Studies at Robert Gordon University. This has been followed by participation in special workshops and seminars aimed at acquiring new knowledge and skills, particularly in the areas of social media and digital content. As a member of the LAI and CILIP, Laoise has demonstrated her commitment by volunteering to serve on the committee of the LAI’s Academic & Special Libraries Section.


Teresa Igoe, BScEcon(ILS)

Librarian,  Bray Institute of Further Education

 Teresa's Professional Development Report sets out her ongoing commitment to the profession, and a clear path of engaged and continuing professional development. She is an active, valued and involved member of the Academic and Special Libraries section and as a solo librarian has strived to be an active and committed networker. An enthusiastic member of the library profession, she has an excellent understanding the importance of service and support to her reader community.


Maeve McCauley, MSc, MSc(ILS), HDipEd

Acting Institute Librarian, Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Maeve is an experienced librarian and is currently Acting Institute Librarian in the Institute of Technology in Letterkenny with a staff management function. Judging by her Curriculum Vitae and the supporting statement, she is well qualified for the role and has been promoted regularly within her own organisation.

Maeve has broadened her range of skills and competencies as her career has progressed and continues to seek professional development opportunities, including attendance and participation in LAI events.


Barbara McCormack, BA, MLIS

 Assistant Librarian, Maynooth University

 Barbara has rich and varied curriculum vitae as a librarian.  Her non-routine activities, such as curating different exhibitions, delivering classes and talks, and her attendance at a variety of professional-development courses underline her commitment to the profession of librarianship.  Her ongoing contributions will continue to enhance the library profession’s commitment to reaching out and providing quality of service to library users. 


Hugh Murphy, MA, HDipLIS

Senior Librarian, Maynooth University

Hugh has the required professional qualifications (Higher Diploma in Library and Information Studies) and practical experience (over 15 years’ experience working in libraries in Ireland). In addition, Hugh has shown great commitment to professional development by participation on the Future Leaders Programme, by lecturing in UCD SILS, by active participation in the LAI, by presenting at many seminars and conferences, and by many other activities.


Emer O’Brien, BA, LLM, MSc(LIS)

Senior Executive Librarian, Tipperary Libraries

With previous experience in academic and corporate libraries, Emer clearly outlines key learning points in her career overall, in particular the informal and network-based learning that forms  a core part of her career  with Tipperary Libraries. She lists the core aspects of her professional learning and development. Her committed participation in LAI activities, at section, council and Taskforce level is noted. Overall, the report demonstrates the candidate’s professional experience and engagement with the library and information community.


Grace Toland, BA, DipLIS

Librarian, Irish Traditional Music Archive

Grace’s professional Development Report shows a clear progression. The candidate’s spread of professional experience, responsibilities and activities are impressive. Her involvement in the LAI, IAML and other professional bodies at committee and board level makes her a very suitable candidate.  Through her current position and involvement  in Music PAL, she demonstrates   a commitment to  a high standard of service to library users.