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North – South Liaison Committee

Cooperation and collaboration with colleagues in Northern Ireland is managed through a dedicated North South Liaison Committee which draws members from CILIP Ireland as well as this Association.


The Committee oversees

  1. the annual joint conference of both associations, It is organised in the Republic of Ireland every two years in three and in Northern Ireland every third year.
  2. An Leaharlann ; the Irish library, the journal of the Library Association of Ireland 
  3. other initiates that are developed from time to time.  One example would be the 2012 Universal library membership project.


Committee members drawn from the Library Association of Ireland are The President, the two Vice Presidents, the Hon Secretary, The Hon Treasurer, the Editor of An Leabharlann.

The organisation hosting the annual conference attends meetings for the period of organisation of the conference.


The committee meets two or three times each year.


LAI: Philip Cohen [Convenor], Betty Codd, Melanie Cunningham, Lorna Dodd, Mary Stuart, Marian Higgins, Catherine Gallagher, Margaret Hayes, Marjory Sliney.

CILIP Ireland: Adrienne Adair, Gerardine Blee, Samantha McCombe