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Certificates of Course Attendance – Guidelines for Course Organisers

Certificates of Course Attendance – Guidelines for Course Organisers

  1. Applications for Certificates of Attendance should be submitted to the LAI Education Committee: CPD at at least one month prior to the date of the course. Applications are normally submitted via the chair of the group applying for certificates. However a nominated person may submit the application on behalf of the group.
  2. Courses must be for a minimum duration of a half day.
  3. Course documentation must provide the following:
    1. Completed Application form
    2. Copy of course programme
  4. Copies of all course documentation must be retained by organising Group / Section of LAI in a proper and retrievable manner for appropriate purposes to include CPD (Continuing Professional Development) validation purposes of the LAI
  5. A Register of all course documentation and record of Attendees must be maintained by Organising Group / Section of LAI
  6. The Secretary of the Education Committee: CPD will notify the chairperson (or applicant) if the course is approved for certification.
  7. The Chairperson (or applicant) will provide numbers and names for certificates to the Education Committee: CPD.
  8. Certificates may be issued to course presenters
  9. Certificates of attendance will be issued to participants subject to the following:

1.      Where people do not attend for the full duration of a course e.g. attend one day of a two day conference, the certificate will state the date(s) attended.

2.      A record of Certification must be retained by authorised officer/s of the organising Group / Section of the LAI. The LAI Education Committee: CPD will also retain a record.

  1. This record will detail:
    1. Course Title
    2. Date held
    3. Course Duration
    4. Name of Participant
    5. Date on which Certificate was issued
    6. Name of person signing on behalf of LAI
    7. Name and signature of person responsible for recording details
    8. Ref no. (where applicable) - unique course identifying number, year and participant number (Format should be e.g. HSLG1/2006/54)

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