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Introduction to RDA

LAI CMG and ANLTC are delighted to present a training workshop on RDA.


This workshop will provide a brief introduction to RDA, to establish the identity of the new approach to matters bibliographic then examine the modifications made to MARC 21 to accommodate these changes. The focus will be on MARC 21 Bibliographic.


·         By the end of the course participants will:

·         Be aware of the principles underpinning RDA

·         Have explored the use of RDA to describe both items

·         Understand the continuing development of RDA

·         Be able to assess the potential impact of RDA on their information service.

·         Recognises the RDA changes in downloaded MARC 21 records

·         Implement appropriate RDA areas in MARC 21


The training session will be lead by Keith Trickey. Keith is lead trainer with Sherrington Sanders and was a senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. He has been involved in information work for over thirty years and he has been designing and delivering training for over twenty years.


A full course outline is available here.