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The Library Goes to the Park

Kilbarry Eco-Park:
From tidal marsh to landfill to Eco-Park: the natural history of Kilbarry Eco-Park is truly peculiar! Since its re-planting, the Eco-Park is continuously changing in terms of flora, fauna and habitats as it matures and reverts back to its original form. This walk gives people the opportunity to explore and listen with their children in the wonderful, every-changing park.

The Library Goes to the Beach

Tramore Dune Walk:
From international bird-fowl to miniature flora, even in the midst of winter, the Tramore Backstrand S.A.C is still an area of natural wonder! There will be a guided walk along the unique Tramore Backstrand Special Area of Conservation (SAC). This SAC, located just twenty minutes outside the city is an understated gem for flora and fauna. This beautiful lagoon and dune complex is of international and national importance for bird species and for rare flora.

Carlow Libraries combine Creative Forces using social media

Using social media and the virtual space Carlow County Library Service and IT Carlow Library are partnering together to deliver a Book face challenge as well as a Did You Know Update. For further information follow Carlow County Library Service and IT Carlow Library on Facebook and twitter.


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