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Review of the ALAI award

Dear Member,

Having completed a review of the Fellowship award, the Professional Standards committee consider it timely to review the ALAI in the context of members’ professional career paths.  How does it fit?  Where should it be positioned?  Is there a need for a third award, e.g. a first-level, early career award as distinct from a later award for candidates with a significantly more developed career and/or contribution made to the profession. 

The committee developed a scoping note and Terms of Reference for a review which was presented to Council in September with a request for permission to commission a root and branch review of the award, its function and its potential future role.  Simultaneously, we wish to ensure that the assessment process is fit for purpose, structurally robust, compliant with GDPR and transparent, whilst retaining both confidentiality, the integrity of the process and the privacy of individual candidates.

We are pleased to inform members that Dr John Cullen, Maynooth University School of Business, will be conducting the review on our behalf.  John will consult as widely as possible, with key stakeholders, e.g. group chairs et al. and will issue a survey to all members in due course.  John’s contact details are: if you wish to contact him at this point.

This will be your opportunity to present your views on what the Associateship means or could mean, and the award pathways you would like to see. 

We hope that you will engage with the review and look forward to taking the awards structures to a new level in 2018.

Siobhán Fitzpatrick

Chair, Education Committee: Professional Standards